Hysteria Clevercloggs


Written by Melissa Aitken about Hysteria Clevercloggs


Hijacking terminology from the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania, Australia, may I present some ‘Art Wank’ about Hysteria Clevercloggs:

       Occupying the planet over five decades, at least two of them spent extraordinarily drunk, Hysteria is a testament to long-standing confusion over how to be fit for public consumption, personally, and in the ‘Art’ world.  However, a breakthrough has occurred in this year of 2021.  May I now introduce a human that is flourishing in a Covid climate, as world citizen and artist.

        There is a five decade autobiographical trail of artistic misdemeanours and moments worthy of laudatory comment.  For Hysteria, art and life are not separate entities.  One of Hysteria’s earliest memories is taking her very first reel of 35mm camera film, maybe at about 7 years old.  It was of her uncle climbing a tree.  She can vividly remember trying to frame that photo.  It was black and white.  Hysteria needs photographic reference on an urgent daily basis, always has done.  It may reflect her desire to validate loss and absence by securing  photographic evidence.  With the invention of the mobile phone this addiction is made effortless and opportune.  Social media facilitates her autobiographical confabs.

       Opportunity is key in the works of Hysteria; there is little calculation, merely instinctive drive, and accidental art work materializes.  A small observance can seed a mammoth project or a monumental moment inspire a humble scribble.  Hysteria works in any medium that may present as a viable option, mistakes embraced and each and every mark valued.  The range encompasses film, paint and mixed media, sculpture - conceptual and physical and toilet paper origami.  Presently she is branching into Crypto Art and creating her first Non-Fungible Art tokens.  Just because she can.

      Hysteria is a fan of the digital arena in which the ‘Art Circus’ is now performing.  To be part of this clowning glory she must remember that art is always relative and consider that everything is about currency, and that currency could be herself or another capitalizing soul-grabbing option. 


Mostly, Hysteria Clevercloggs is what she is not.

Send in the clowns.